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“My own experiences and passion for the outdoors have led me to a realisation that life is an adventure to be lived in abundance.  I believe that our understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live can be greatly enhanced through shared experiences in the great outdoors.  The activities we do, the challenges we face and the conversations that we share can have a profound, deep and significant impact on our identity and our world-view.  In establishing 10:10 Ventures I hope to enable others to enjoy our natural world and to unlock some of the deeper parts of their being.” Alan Stapleton, Founder

About Us

10:10 Ventures provides a range of bespoke outdoor-experiences to help unlock the potential in every person. Founded on the idea that through experiences in the outdoors we can unlock other emotional, psychological, relational and spiritual experiences.  We fundamentally believe that there is significant power and benefits in spending time in nature and allowing ourselves to have some space away from the busyness and “noise” of current society. Our belief is that we can discover more about ourselves, who we are and how to experience life in it’s rich fullness.  The 10:10 of the brand is based on the Bible verse “John 10:10” where we are encouraged to experience life in abundance.

Core Values
  • Adventure: Life is an adventure to be experienced in abundance

  • People: All lives have value & potential

  • Experiences: The key to a deeper understanding of ourselves is found in experiences

  • Purpose: Our purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of others


“I had a great 24hrs going up the 3 peaks of Wales, lead by Al Stapleton.  What an amazing time” Craig (18)


“The Welsh3’s is probably the hardest thing I’ve done but probably one of the most memorable experiences because of the views, the chats we had with friend. Al Stapleton’s encouragement and leadership made it possible” Carl – Welsh 3000s fundraiser

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